Art Gallery

Our Art gallery is a dedicated area for all Children with SEN to showcase their work… Whether it be drawing, painting, poetry, music, dance etc….. 

If you would like your work to be featured in our gallery please contact:

Be the light in the darkness

Our children have been involved in making their own lanterns. This is in conjunction with Hartlepool Youth Offer as part of the ‘Be the light in the darkness’ campaign, to remember the holocaust on 27th Jan.

Artist of the Week

Theo Rhead!

Theo has done some fantastic artwork with PlayDoh. Theo is 7 years old and attends Throston primary school, he has a diagnosis of ASD, hypermobility and sensory processing disorder . He enjoys football, swimming and also having drum lessons. He has a passion for buses and can often be heard telling people what bus they need to get to a particular destination both in the town and other places. When he can he likes to take an active role in keeping our local area tidy with litter picking.

Well done Theo!

Rory and Hugo!

Rory and Hugo are twin 4 year old brothers.
Hugo is autistic, is non verbal and has LD. He is a keen explorer and has the motor skills of a junior Spider-Man. Like his brother, Rory loves life and is fascinated by learning things. Rory particularly likes animals, specifically gorillas (he has ambitions to be a gorilla when he grows up) and dinosaurs.

Both boys love art, Rory likes using pens and crayons to create shapes and loves cutting things out and sticking things together using lots of of different materials. Hugo is total sensory seeker so loves bright colours and feeling different textures. He particularly loves messing about with paint and is a dab hand at finger painting!

Alexander Jackson Ingham!

Alexander is 2.5 years old and he loves being messy and artistic! He has done a fantastic picture!

Well done Alexander, we LOVE it!!!

Megan Stoddart!

Megan is 17 years old and attended the Northern College of Art in Middlesbrough doing a textile diploma and is hoping to go on to university next year. She is taking driving lessons and looking forward to being independent. She also helps care for her younger brother and two Nanas.
We can all agree her artwork is just fantastic!!

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